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Naples, Florida Remodeling Blog

Design/Build Remodeling: What It Is and Why It Matters for Remodeling Your Naples-Area Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 13, 2018 9:07:00 AM

What’s the best way to describe the design-build process?  Imagine you are planning your own wedding. You do the research—browsing every bride magazine in print—and creating a stack of “must haves” a mile high. Then you compile a list of people to contact and services needed (the florist, the caterer, the location arrangements, and more).  Your list begins to resemble a book. You’ll have to educate yourself on provider reputations, quality of work, and reliability (You don’t want to find out a florist can’t deliver 2 hours before the wedding). To pull this off you may have to give up every spare minute of your life for the next 6 months.

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The Best Semi-Custom Cabinets for Your Naples Home

Posted by Meriam Reed on Mar 7, 2017 2:01:00 PM

When choosing kitchen cabinets for your Naples home renovation, it’s easy to focus on the visual appeal. That’s important, of course, but your choice for kitchen cabinets—especially if you’re installing semi-custom cabinets—really should depend on more than the color or finish. What are the best semi-custom cabinets for your Naples home? They are the ones that best fit your needs and will provide years of flawless performance.

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Topics: Semi Custom Cabinets, Naples Home Remodeler, Naples Florida Remodeling, kitchen cabinets

5 Reasons to Stay in Naples, Florida

Posted by Chris Reed on Oct 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Every now and then, many of us succumb to that nagging feeling that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” You may experience that on occasion when you look around your Naples-area home.

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Topics: Naples Design-Build remodeling, Naples, Naples Florida Remodeling, living in Naples

5 Advantages to Remodeling Your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Mar 3, 2015 10:45:27 AM

If you’ve been in your Naples-area home for a while you may be feeling like it’s time to make a change or two. It’s possible to get so comfortable in your own home that it actually becomes uncomfortable. You can live with a nagging problem so long that you just come to accept it. Or you hardly notice your surroundings anymore because they’re just a little too familiar. Maybe you’ve even thought about moving out and starting all over again—just for a change.

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5 Things You Should Do Each Year for Your Naples Home's Maintenance

Posted by Chris Reed on Jan 10, 2015 10:38:00 AM

It’s no big secret why people love the Sunshine State—especially this time of year. Let’s face it: we all take a little bit of pleasure reading the weather reports from up North—from the comfort of our decks in the winter. But just because we don’t face the harsh winter weather doesn’t mean our homes are free from the need for regular maintenance. Here are five things you should do each year to protect and preserve your Naples-area home.

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Topics: Naples Remodeling, Design Build Remodeling, Naples Florida Remodeling, Naples Remodeler

How Long Will It Take to Remodel Your Naples-area Home?

Posted by Meriam Reed on Dec 8, 2014 11:34:58 AM

In our more than 30 years of experience remodeling homes in Florida, there are some things that never change—including the two most common questions homeowners ask us before beginning a home remodeling project: What is this going to cost? And how long is this going to take?

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Topics: Naples Home Remodeling, Design Build Remodeling Naples, Naples Florida Remodeling, How Long Does Remodeling Take?