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Want to Get a Handle on Creating a Contemporary Kitchen for your Marco Island Home? Lose the Handles!

Posted by Chris Reed on May 13, 2015 12:12:00 PM

Want-to-get-a-handle-on-creating-a-contemporary-kitchen-for-your-Marco-Island-home-lose-the-handlesOne of the big trends in contemporary kitchens is the sleek look of kitchens without handles. Can you really design a practical kitchen without handles? Manufacturers are already creating the appliances, cabinetry, and fixtures to make it happen. Here are just a few of the possibilities. 

Lever-less Dishwashers

How can you open a dishwasher without a handle or a lever? The folks at Miele built the Generation 6000 to do just that. Instead of grabbing the lever to open the door, you simply knock twice and the appliance door opens automatically. It’s a clean, sleek look—with all buttons and controls located on the inside of the door. The only drawback is that you still have to close the door manually! 

No-touch Faucets

Maybe kitchen faucets aren’t exactly handle-free, but there are an increasing number of “no-touch” faucets, including those from Moen. These things are pretty smart: they sense when your hand or a pot or pitcher is under the spout and automatically turn on the water as long as the object is there. It’s great for when you have dirty hands and don’t want to have to clean the faucet after using it. 

Touch-to-Open Pantry Doors

A kitchen pantry door can look pretty slick without handles to clutter up the design. But how do you get inside? One solution is to install “touch-to-open” coplanar doors such as those made by Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry.  These side-by-side doors are motorized and can be opened or closed with a gentle tap or with a handheld remote. 

Those are just a few of the new offerings we’re seeing in kitchen design. Of course you don’t have to go handle-less to have a great, contemporary kitchen. But beautiful, functional kitchens don’t just happen—they require thoughtful planning and great design.  Our staff designers can help you think through the features that will turn your existing kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. And you can visit our showroom for an up-close-and-personal look at the materials and fixtures that will go into your new kitchen.  Even if you decide to go handle-less, there’s nothing like getting your hands on the materials that will be going into your new kitchen!


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