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What Does a Designer Bring to the Table for Your Naples-Area Home Remodel?

Posted by Meriam Reed on Apr 21, 2016 7:00:00 AM

What_Does_a_Designer_Bring_to_the_Remodeled_Kitchen_Table_.jpgMost of us don’t like paying for things that don’t actually benefit us. And yet it seems that every time we turn around, we’re paying “service fees” or “handling fees” or some other charge for something that doesn’t add value. What about when you’re planning to remodel your Naples-area home? Does involving a designer simply add expense, or is there real value there? What does a designer bring to the table when you’re planning to remodel?

As a design/build remodeler, we think the role a designer plays is a crucial one. Here’s how it benefits you.

You may have some really good ideas about what kind of improvements or changes you want to make to your home. It could be a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You might want to overhaul your family room or living room. Maybe you want to revamp everything.  But you may not know how to turn your general ideas into a workable plan.

A professional designer has the expertise and the experience of having worked on plans for a lot of people in your situation. She can tell (and show) you about solutions that others have come up with and use those projects as a springboard for your plan. Beyond that, however, she may be able to show you ideas you’ve never imagined that will help to accomplish your goals. Additionally, a designer will look at the big picture. You may be thinking of a kitchen remodel project, but a professional designer looks at how that impacts the rest of your home—so that everything works together.

Plus, even though you pay for the services of a designer, she can actually save you money. She can steer you clear of costly mistakes. And if you’re running up against the limitations of your budget, a good designer can often suggest alternate plans and/or materials, allowing you to accomplish what you want without spending as much. Designers stay abreast of current trends and developments so that they can advise you about improvements, enhancements and new technologies.

A designer also offers you peace of mind. When you’re dealing with a design/build remodeler, the designer is used to conveying what you want to the members of her team doing the physical work. Nothing gets “lost in translation” between you and the remodeler.

If you choose to work with Reed Design Build on your Naples home remodeling, you’ll be assisted by a team of professional designers who are passionate about what they do—and who bring more than 30 years of experience to the table. Their goal is to combine your desires and ideas with their knowledge and experience so that you’re delighted by the remodeling experience—and the results. Don’t head to the remodeling table without a qualified designer who has your back!


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