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What Does the Perfect Naples Kitchen Look Like?

Posted by Chris Reed on Jan 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What-Does-the-Perfect-Naples-Kitchen-Look-Like.jpgCommercials for Lexus automobiles tout their “Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.” It’s a pretty lofty goal. But what does perfection look like when you’re remodeling the kitchen in your Naples-area home?

It’s a bit of a trick question, because what’s “perfect” for someone else may not be at all what you’re looking for in a kitchen. Still, it’s fun (and even helpful) to look at what some people have created in their homes as they’ve planned and worked with their remodeler to create a kitchen that meets their needs in terms of function and design.

Here’s a look at the direction some of our clients took in their pursuit of the “perfect” kitchen for their Naples-area homes.

The kitchen you see above is a sleek, modern, galley-style kitchen. It takes advantage of the long room and the fantastic arch at the end of the room (where a dining area could fit very nicely). If you prefer having your kitchen to yourself and don’t want a lot of company while you’re cooking, this kitchen—with it’s sleek design and modern cabinets is ideal.

What-Does-the-Perfect-Naples-Kitchen-Look-Like2.jpgHere’s another galley style kitchen. This one, however, has a dramatically different feel. The warm wood cabinetry and the white highlights make it a friendly and welcoming place. The recessed ceiling also adds a bit of dimension and adds visual space to a long, somewhat narrow room. Notice, too, all of the additional storage up high in space that otherwise might have gone to waste.

What-Does-the-Perfect-Naples-Kitchen-Look-Like3.jpgIf you’re looking for more space in your kitchen so that family and guests can join you, this bright white kitchen offers plenty. You’ll notice plenty of space between the stovetop and the sink that allow guests to mingle if they want. In addition to lots of space to move and work, you’ll notice a built-in butler’s pantry that provides extras space for storage. This kitchen has a current, but more traditional feel.

What-Does-the-Perfect-Naples-Kitchen-Look-Like4.jpgFor some homeowners, the perfect kitchen also has a comfortable and intimate area to sit and have a cup of coffee and perhaps read a book. The built-in window seat provides a perfect place for that. The open concept in this kitchen enables family or guests to be in the family room without the host or hostess being cut off from conversation. There is also plenty of space to move around the island.

What-Does-the-Perfect-Naples-Kitchen-Look-Like5.jpgIf you like to entertain out on the patio a kitchen like the one you see here may be ideal. In addition to plenty of workspace (and casual seating at the island for quick meals), this kitchen also features a pass-through window so that you can prepare food and deliver it to the patio or lanai without leaving the kitchen!

We may not have landed on your definition of the perfect kitchen. That’s because your definition depends on what’s most important to you—both in terms of style and functionality. One of the great things about working with a design-build remodeler such as Reed Design Build is that we don’t work from an existing template. We’ll talk with you to find out exactly what you want and need. Then we’ll create the plan to make that happen. And the craftsmen who do the building are part of the same team—ensuring that nothing get’s lost in the translation!

If you’re still looking for ideas to create the kitchen that’s just right for you, please download our free Create Your Ideal Kitchen eBook. In addition to helping you figure out your preferred kitchen style, it will help you plan it and even provide tips for scheduling your renovation. You can also check out additional kitchen possibilities at our houzz.com page!

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