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What Homeowners Say They Really Want

Posted by Chris Reed on May 4, 2015 10:59:00 AM

What-homeowners-say-they-really-wantHave you ever noticed that at the beginning of the year there’s a bunch of information online and in magazines about what designers say is going to be popular for the coming year. Sometimes you wonder if the crystal balls they’re using are due for an upgrade, because the “trends” they highlight seem a little off the wall. 

The good news is that we’re well beyond the first of the year, and the good folks at Professional Builder magazine released a survey that they’d done in which they queried homeowners about what was important to them (What a concept!). 

Since most of our customers are homeowners, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what the survey said. There are a number of significant findings, but for right now, we’ll limit ourselves to what they discovered with regard to bathrooms. Here are a few highlights that you may find interesting. 

The number one homeowner priority in a bathroom was a double sink vanity. The number two priority was storage. And the number three priority was a walk-in, doorless shower. That probably doesn’t surprise you. As a homeowner you know that functionality and convenience trumps “style” every time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning bathroom, but it shows that form really does follow function. You should feel comfortable in your home. 

Curbless showers, steam showers, improved lighting in the shower, increased linen storage, and heated floors have also increased in demand.  Porcelain tile that looks like wood has become very popular because it’s extremely low maintenance.  

The majority of homeowners want water-saving fixtures, comfort height toilets, and vanities that comply with universal design requirements.  Another trend the survey turned up is that spa showers are beginning to replace big oversized tubs. Increasing numbers of clients are requesting white cabinetry and white tiles with accents.  And many are choosing floating cabinetry that allows for ambient lighting underneath. 

There was an interesting twist in the results. While Universal design ranked fifth on the list of priorities overall, homeowners in the 56 to 66 year old range ranked Universal design number one on their list (as did those older than 66).

What was toward the bottom of the list was also interesting. Whirlpool tubs were not as popular as expanded showers. That doesn’t mean you can’t build one into your bathroom—but you may not get all your money out of it when you sell your home. Also, if you’ve been considering a toilet with touchless controls or a dual flush system—you may want to think twice. Neither of those items made the top ten list of improvements. 

Don’t get us wrong. We love designers (after all, we’re a design-build company). But when it comes to remodeling your Naples home, the top priority should be what makes you comfortable in your own home. We’d love to help you do that—and do it with a sense of style!


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