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What's My Naples Remodeling Personality?

Posted by Chris Reed on May 16, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Whats-my-Naples-remodeling-personality_.jpgYou may have heard talk of a “remodeling personality” you should keep in mind if you’re looking to renovate.  Is there such a thing?  And is there some kind of test you need to take to ensure you’ll end up with a home renovation that’s right for you?

Relax! What we’re referring to doesn’t require some sort of convoluted test. When we talk with potential clients about “remodeling personality,” what we’re really trying to determine is what kind of of lifestyle they enjoy so that we can help them create an atmosphere and envirioment that supports it.

For instance, if you enjoy entertaining somewhat larger groups, that should have an influence on the way your kitchen and family room designs take shape. You’ll probably want a little bit of extra space in both rooms to allow you to prepare meals and snacks and engage guests at the same time.

If you prefer hosting smaller groups, we may want to work with you to create comfortable and intimate spaces for conversation or dining. Say you enjoy movies;a space particularly suited for movie watching would be in order (with the appropriate window treatments and strategic placement of your entertainment center).

If you have children (or grandchildren who visit often), you may want to build elements into your home that make your house a place where kids want to be. If you’re a gourmet cook, you’ll probably want a different style of kitchen (and appliances) than someone who orders take-out a lot.

So is there some kind of “test” that will reveal your remodeling personality? No. The way we approach this is to have you talk with the members of our design team. There’s no mumbo jumbo or “magic solution.” These passionate professionals simply themselves and their more than 30 years of design experience at your disposal. They’ll ask you questions about what you want to do and what you like. And then they can create a plan that reflects the way you live and entertain.

If you want to get a head start on the process, you can do that by downloading our free Remodeling a House, Creating a Home e-book. In addition to helping you identify your own unique style, you’ll pick up helpful information about lighting choices, color options, décor dynamics and much more.

Forget about tests and formulas! Gather information that’s useful to you and then talk to a professional who knows how to help you define the design for your home that reflects your unique personality.


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