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Where is the Perfect Place to Locate Your Naples Laundry Room?

Posted by Chris Reed on May 23, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Where-is-the-perfect-place-to-locate-your-Naples-laundry-room_.jpgThere is some debate these days about the ideal spot for a laundry room in the home. Some homeowners insist it should be off the kitchen. Others insist it should be off the master bedroom. And of course there are those who say that the perfect solution is to send all the laundry out to be done by someone else! We’re going to assume that you occasionally have the need to do your own laundry. So where’s the best location?

Off-the-Kitchen Advantages

There are some benefits to having your laundry room right off the kitchen. Because the kitchen is a workspace, it’s nice to have it flanked by another workspace. Some people prefer to keep the noise of the laundry room away from other living spaces. Another potential plus is that you can keep cleaning supplies used in the kitchen area close by. You might also consider that many homes have the laundry room serve double duty as a mudroom and/or staging area when coming in from the garage to the kitchen. You may even be able to use the laundry room as a back-up pantry for items that really don’t fit in the kitchen.

Off-the-Master Bedroom Advantages

Other families like the convenience of having the laundry room off the master bedroom. It makes sense because so much of your laundry is generated in or near the bedrooms: clothing, sheets, bath towels, etc. Such proximity to living spaces also makes putting laundry away more convenient. Instead of having to haul finished laundry all the way from the kitchen area, you can simply walk a few paces and hang things up. Some also like the convenience of being able to throw a load of laundry in before bedtime and have it ready to go into the dryer first thing in the morning.

It really comes down to what fits your personal lifestyle and preferences. Naturally, the availability of plumbing (water for washing), natural gas (if you have a gas dryer) and venting space can also be influencing factors.  Talk to your builder to make sure you have access to those things before you get your heart set on a particular location.


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