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Why Remodel Instead of Move? Signs Your Neighborhood Will Mature Well

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 12, 2015 7:00:00 AM

When your Naples-area home no longer fits your lifestyle you can either undertake a significant remodeling project or you can move. If you’re like most homeowners, moving probably isn’t high on your list of fun things to do.

In addition to the hassel of packing and unpacking (not to mention actually finding a place you like), a move can be hard on your possessions. While there may not be scientific evidence that,  “Three moves equals a fire,” moving does take it’s toll.

However, one of the biggest reasons people resist moving is that they like it where they are. Things are convenient. The neighbors are nice. And often there’s a sense of community.  But the question remains: Will you continue to like your neighborhood own the road? When you’re faced with the prospects of moving or remodeling you want to know you’re still going to like the area you’re in before investing in your existing property. Here are a few things that can be indicators that your neighborhood will mature well—and that you’ll continue to be happy where you are.

The Neighborhood is Well Maintained

Brand new homes in a brand new neighborhood may have a lot of curb appeal (once the construction traffic and detritus is gone and the landscaping finally comes in). But what will that neighborhood look like in a few years? If you live in an established neighborhood, it’s pretty easy to see how neighbors are taking care of their properties. If your existing neighborhood shows signs of pride of ownership, you’re probably in a good place that’s going to continue looking good.

A Sense of Community

Is there a sense of belonging to a community? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your neighbors get together all the time for social events, but is there a general sense of pride and protection that surrounds the neighborhood. Do neighbors watch out for one another? Of course having some social events can increase the sense of community, so it there are occasional events you can participate in, that’s a plus. Do you have a sense of a neighborhood identity?

Security and Safety: Do you (and your neighbors) feel safe? Neighborhood Watch Groups can add a sense of security. Even if you don’t have formal watch groups, you’ll want to have a sense of safety and security when your home—or returning home.

Property Values

It’s understood that the real estate market fluctuates and that home values can change. But some areas continue to hold their relative value despite those fluctuations. One way to discern whether your area is still desirable is how long homes are on the market before selling. Are people still moving into your neighborhood? Do homeowners tend to stay?

How Do You Feel About Your Neighborhood

This may be pretty subjective, but it’s still valid. If you feel good about your neighborhood and your neighbors and your home (in general) will you be able to duplicate that sense of satisfaction somewhere else? Does the place you’re living feel like home?


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