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Naples, Florida Remodeling Blog

Your Beautiful Naples Home: Sometimes It’s What’s Outside That Matters

Posted by Chris Reed on Sep 29, 2015 5:22:00 PM

Your-beautiful-Naples-home-shometimes-its-whats-outside-that-mattersWe’ve all heard it a thousand times: “It’s what’s inside that really matters.”  Many of us have take that phrase to heart—even when it comes to remodeling our homes. But one of the big advantages of living in the Naples area is that we live in a climate that let’s us spend a lot of time outside

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the exteriors of our home. We’re not just talking about appearance and “curb appeal” (although that is important). We Floridians can really take advantage of outdoor living. But if you’re going to do that, what’s outside your home really does matter. 

If you’re really going to enjoy outdoor entertainment—or just hanging out in the outdoors yourself—you’re going to want more than just a picnic table and a few lawn chairs. The Naples home you see here that we recently remodeled gives you an idea of some of the things you may want to take into consideration for the outside of your home.


People rave about the weather around here, but let’s be honest—the sun can be brutal. These homeowners opted for a covered patio that let’s them lounge outside and still stay out of the sun if they want. They even built in a plantation fan to provide a little breeze if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. Another plus, is that the covering protects you when those afternoon rain storms come in. You can still enjoy being outside—without getting soaked. 


The enclosure around the pool area let’s the residents look out and enjoy the views, but still provides some privacy and defines the space. And it also acts as a barrier against unwanted pests. 

Pool Plus

Sure, lot’s of people in Florida have pools. But What’s nice about the pool you see here is that it actually looks like it’s designed to be a part of the home (which, of course, it is!). Even the hot tub blends in, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. 

An Extension of Your Home

Really what all of this comes down to is that your outdoor design—if done properly—extends the amount of living space in your home. You get more space, without having to worry about cooling it when it gets hot. It gives you an extra area where you can entertain—or just be alone. 

Click here for some additional exterior remodeling ideas and examples. Or you can call us at 239-325-1606, or shoot us an email at info@reeddesignbuild.com to talk about how we can help you extend your home living space outdoors.


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